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3 iulie 12222 – Gemenii sunt în pragul unei despărțiri

The vibration of the day is 1 and we leave the past behind and give life to the new projects we believe in. Maybe take it out of place, to visit relatives to update the flow of the relationship, to consult on some decisions. You will be surrounded by people who love you and want to learn from you that you will be a role model for them, I ask for your opinion and you will socialize for a better mood.

You may go to a baptism or some other party with a festive mood and you will see good friends again.


Your well-being may be due to someone, a charming person who has appeared in your life and who fulfills you beautifully. It can also be a child. As if there were some words left unsaid and the couple's partner was so tired of waiting and maybe you can tell him how you feel. Maybe you have a reason to call your friends over or take them out to a restaurant and make them honest and you can go on a trip.

It'll be easy for you to run around the country somewhere on a birthday or just invite someone for a talk and go. You will partner with some people to start a free time activity that reveals the qualities that could propel you into a career. You can take a shower, poke fun at the shops, so walk around and choose some things to make up for another look. It's a holiday, it can be somewhere outdoors and you can hang out with older, newer friends. You will make others and you will be a big family. You are meeting with the group of friends to relax that you have had a busy week and you want to get rid of tension.

A lightning encounter with someone who may want you back if you were separated, but it may be a new love on the horizon and your life will change for the better. An outing would bring a new dimension to the relationship that promises to be sustainable and you and your marriage. You will be surrounded by loved ones, maybe it's someone's birthday and everyone is happy. Charge your batteries for the next period.

You will get a better understanding of the friendly environment, you will go out more often at events and you may have common concerns. He is someone who wants to be together and does everything he can to prove to you that it is the ideal match for you and it seems so. Maybe call your friends over for a snack, a coffee and you will open the house, or the new office where you will be working. Along with the practices of Feng Shui and Astrology, numerology is often used by.

You could also go on a special holiday with your partner or start a hot romance with a sexy foreigner, as love and travel are connected. The best months to take a trip are January, February, April and May. Many Leos will be extra lucky in , as prosperity planet Jupiter moves through your good-fortune zone. But avoid making important financial decisions like applying for a loan or signing a contract when Mercury is retrograde in February, July and November.

Your family life is also incredibly important in Some Lions will welcome a new baby or enjoy improved relations with a child, teenager or parent as you share mutual hobbies, sports and interests. Neptune and Saturn stimulate your love zones in , so you could celebrate your engagement, get married, move in with your lover or become a parent, as you strive for more permanence in your primary partnership.

With hard work and commitment, your love life will slowly go from strength to strength. Singles, expect a temporary dating drought in February, when Mercury reverses through your relationship zone.

The best months to meet your soul mate are in May, June, August and September, when your earthy charm attracts admirers from near and far. With prosperity planet Jupiter visiting your domestic zone, family and luck are linked.

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So the period between now and December 2 is the best time to redecorate, renovate, build an extension, sell property, buy a new home or other real estate, house-sit, relocate or start a home-based business. Your luckiest days of the year are May 3 and August 21, so plan something special. With four eclipses stimulating your peer group zones, is the year to sever ties with a fair-weather friend? Make it a priority to fill your friendship group with positive people who encourage your talents and support your dreams.

The following dates are when Mercury your ruling planet is retrograde: from February , be extra careful when communicating with loved ones; July 7-August 1 looks tricky for friendships and social networking; from October November 20, expect computer, travel or car chaos.

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Weekly Love Horoscope — cancer. Virgo: The Sixth sign of the zodiac Virgo is an Earth element. The independent Aries woman can ensure the Cancer to be fully loved and cherished most of the time. On the notion that the stars may tell us as much as any Wall Street analyst Fortune asked astrologist Shelley von Strunckel columnist for the London Sunday Times to chart these high-octane honchos. Things you love things you treat like air. The Moon in Scorpio encourages the loss of the sense of measure food alcohol but mostly in sexual relationships. Company of love partner would inspire to take initiatives in this week.

Mercury: This planet holds sway over your mental and intellectual powers.